About Us

We are a fast growing and award-winning supplier of high quality foods.

We have continuously lead categories such as continental meats, chilled olives, antipasti and continental morning goods that have fundamentally changed the eating habits of consumers.

We focus on supplying own-label and branded chilled food predominantly produced in Europe to supermarkets around the world, with over 100 production sites across the famous food producing regions of the world. We also have offices in England, Europe and USA to keep up with our global demand.

With full marketing, technical, logistics and sales support we provide end-to-end solutions for retailers, from factory auditing and product development to packaging design and category management, to keep our customers at the forefront of their markets.

The ComplEAT Food Group International focuses on quality food and partners only with producers that match our outloook. All our products have a story which we fill is our duty to tell.

We ethically source and produce all our ingredients offering end to end transparency on our supply chain. When retailers and partners work with The ComplEAT Food Group they are working with the highest standards and we are unapologetic about that.

Farm Assurance

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Pig Scheme