Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business we have a commitment to our customers, employees, neighbours and the environment to be a responsible business.

As such we have put in measures and steps to continually working towards improving what we take out and put back. Corporate social responsibility is a key part of our business planning process.


  • In April 2014 we were awarded the waste reduction certification by The Carbon Trust – for our 26.7% reduction in waste since 2013.
  • We won Gold at the Green Apple Awards in November 2014 for our achievements in the first step of an on-going strategy for continued sustainability.
  • Since June 2013, both our Redhill and Clitheroe sites are zero to landfill
  • All waste segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
  • Packaged food waste, where fit for consumption, is sent to charity or on to anaerobic digestion/energy recovery where this is not possible.
  • All non-recyclable materials are sent to an energy recovery process.
  • We ensure that our food miles are reduced through consolidation of in and out bound deliveries from production partners and customers.  Our logistics team utilise a large European network to ensure that lorries travel full.


  • 2016 Business winner of a Mayor’s Volunteer Award
  • Food donations,
  • Charitable donations
  • Food bank contribution – by donating  to Fareshare we’re able to provide good quality food to projects in and around Brighton & Hove area, whilst also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.


  • Our commitment to food deprivation, extends outside of the UK, through our support of Action against Hunger, a humanitarian organisation working to save the lives of children suffering from life-threatening malnutrition. Read more