Farm Assurance

We are passionate about improving animal welfare and our European farm partnership has been the driving force in delivering significant advances in farm animal welfare.

We have been committed to pushing the boundaries of best practice in European farm assurance and animal welfare since 1999.

We are best placed to continue to deliver the advancements in farm animal welfare to meet the demands of the market and consumers both today and in the future.

We take a farm partnership approach to unite the whole supply chain from farmer and producer to customer with the same vision and long term commitment from all parties. This means that we ring fence farms and slaughter houses so that animals are guaranteed for our use from the start of their life.

We also ensure that farmers are working to our very own Pig Scheme – a higher animal welfare and farm assurance scheme (see below). We pay our farmers a fair price and recognise their efforts to put in place a sustainable supply chain for the future.

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