Our Process

It’s often difficult to explain our process or how our business works. Here we will take you through our process from initial idea to product on shelf.

Step 1

We pick up that consumers love the olives they eat in restaurants

Step 2

After carrying out Marketing Insight/Research we find out that not only do they like these olives but they want cheese with them. In addition they want to be able to buy them in a supermarket in a re-sealable pot for less than $6.00

Step 3

Our Product Developers identify three production partners who can source the olive, however only two can do re-sealable lids and only one is price competitive

Step 4

Technical team go for a visit. The factory needs some changes – extra drainage in the packing area. Also the olive quality needs to be higher and from a specific region (at a retailers request) and the cheese less salty. The production partner site is then chosen

Step 5

The Marketing Team take a brief to design a sleeve which fits over a releasable lid, with an Italian theme. They have to create a brand name as it’s a new line for a retailer and this particular product is not proven enough for own label. In line with our values and those of the retailer the sleeve must be recyclable so there is one specific printer who can be used.

Step 6

Once pre-production samples are approved, products are ordered, based on our forecast as to how much will sell with our retailer. Delivery dates into store are confirmed.

Step 7

The Logistics Team arrange for the product to be taken to a central hub, where it joins products from three other producers in the region. A full truck comes back; cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Step 8

The Category Management Team know that this is a mid-range product, so it takes middle shelf position in the chiller. An introductory offer is tied into a promotion with restaurant vouchers and customers who eat similar foods are targeted with coupons via the retailer loyalty card scheme.

Step 9

The PR and Marketing Team send the product out to key food journalists and bloggers and articles are published in the press and online. We also run some focus groups to get consumer feedback and ensure that we track the weekly sales and gain retailer feedback. After three months this feedback results in some changes to the packaging so consumers can see the product more clearly.



Our Process