As a company full of foodies we are constantly adding new categories to the array of food we already have to offer.

A natural progression from charcuterie was semi cured sausages which we now specialise in. We supply such things as cooking chorizo, frankfurters, bratwurst, bockwurst, fresh salsiccia and even currywurst.

We are also the largest supplier in the UK of pâté including the classic Brussels and Ardennes pâtés as well as low fat lines, flavoured pâtés, duck mousse and rillettes.

Our bakery range includes brioche, waffles, crepes and pain au chocolat, produced in France and Belgium. From the highest quality Vendee brioche and Belgian Liege Waffles with sugar nibs to standard high volume lines, our products continue to be popular with shoppers looking for indulgence or convenience in bakery.

Our sweet tooth means that we had to step into the dessert world. We now offer traditional European chilled desserts from Tarte aux Pommes and Crème Brulee to new shot glass dessert recipes. We also specialise in premium frozen desserts that are complex to produce and special for consumers, we aim to bring innovation and excitement to this category.